A Complete Guide to Camping Chairs

Complete guide to camping chairs

In outdoor camping, you take away all amenities of your daily life. Hence, you need to ensure that you can find coziness in objects you still have access to. Choosing a good camping chair for your outdoor camp out can determine the overall quality of your outdoor experience. Whether you are spending a weekend away … Read more

Are All Tents Waterproof?

are all tents waterproof

A tent is waterproof if it ultimately does not allow seepage of water through it. For most tents, the labels may be misleading as no tent can be a hundred percent waterproof. However, with proper preparation, one can easily keep dry when under a tent during rain. For most tents, they are water-resistant and water … Read more

My Advice on Waterproofing Your Hiking Boots

Waterproofing Your Hiking Boots

If you are an enthusiastic hiker, backpacker requires boots for work or just a general outdoor lover, waterproofing your boots is essential. More significantly, wet feet are not fun unless desired. Waterproofing your hiking boots helps you to handle all weather conditions giving you peace of mind while you enjoy the outdoors. Here is a … Read more