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Best Camping Chairs With Footrest- Rated & Reviewed!

Best Camp chair with footrest

When you are planning to go camping, a camping chair is significantly one of the essential elements to pack. When you go out to purchase a chair, you have to choose carefully and go for one that will be durable and also offer ultimate comfort as you relax during camping. This is precisely why a camping chair with a footrest is always a better option. More importantly, you should look at a camping chair with a footrest option to take care of your comfort without emptying your pockets.

In this article, I have highlighted 10 of the best camping chairs with footrest and the factors to consider when you go out to purchase one. So please keep reading.

In a Hurry? Here’s My Top 3 Picks:

ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair
ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair
  • High back
  • Detachable footrest
  • Quality material
Outdoor Quad Camping Chair
Outdoor Quad Camping Chair
  • Handfull of extra features
  • Extending footrest
  • Lightweight
Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Footrest
Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Footrest
  • Extra features
  • Packable
  • Strong build

Best Camping Chairs with footrest- Review

1. Outdoor Quad Camping Chair by GigaTent

Outdoor Quad Camping Chair by GigaTent
9.5/10 Our Score

As an amazing and comfortable camping lawn chair with footrest, this chair has been built to provide you with ultimate comfort. This is an all in one chair that includes a built-in cooler, footrest, cup holder, armrest, and smartphone/tablet viewing system.

An extending footrest is the highlight of this chair. The footrest is adjustable to fit your comfort and needs. The chair has a tablet viewing system design that transforms the convenient footrest into a hands-free tablet viewing system that is great for watching movies without the hassle of holding your cell phone or tablet. It has been made to respond to your touch while it’s safely encased in the system.

The built-in cooler located at the arm holder can hold three to four cans to keep your drinks cold all the time. The chair is designed with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and 600D polyester fabric that makes it extremely tough for durability.

The entire chair is portable and lightweight with a total weight of 5.5 lbs allowing you to take it anywhere to have a small rest. I highly recommend this chair model as one of the best camping seats in the market today.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair

2. ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair
9.5/10 Our Score

If you occasionally go for outdoor camping, ALPS is most probably a familiar brand to you. This ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair has some of the highest ratings out of all of them. Although it seems basic, the hammock feel and the high back pleases even the pickiest campers.

The chair comes with a detachable footrest, which forms the major highlight of this chair. The footrest is removable and adjustable to fit your comfort and needs. Even though the chair does not recline, it also puts you in a comfortable, hassle-free position.

Just set the recline at exactly where you want it, and you will be good to go with this quick up. One of this chair’s best features is conforming to your body shape thanks to its quality material that allows swift changing of body position. This will enable you to sit for a long time without getting tired.

3. Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Footrest

3. Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Footrest
9.5/10 Our Score

If the sun is your enemy, then this Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair is perfect for you. The chair has a sturdy built design that holds up to 250 lbs. and includes a detachable footrest and a full coverage umbrella. The umbrella is also adjustable so that you can position it appropriately to block the sun. Thanks to the metallic undercoat sunshade, it provides a UPF sun protection coating for the long camping days on the beach or just by the backyard pool.

This chair is at the forefront with high quality. More specifically, this camp chair uses an ultra-strong yet lightweight steel alloy and oxford cloth construction that offers pretty durability and the right level of coziness. This combination makes for a good camping chair that is both immensely comfortable and extremely rugged, loaded with amenities.

The amenities start with a drink holder to keep you relaxed as you sip your drink. It also features four insulated pockets for extra drink storage just in case they run low. After all, after you have settled in with your feet propped up on the in-built adjustable footrest, you won’t want to move. To continue on the amenities, the seat has a built-in storage pocket for your properties and a built-in bottle opener, just in case.

Size-wise, this chair is very packable despite all the extra parts. It folds down into an eight-inch tube that is just forty inches long. Regardless of the camping activities you enjoy, you can surely benefit from what this seat provides.

4. Anigu Mesh Reclining Folding Camp Chair with Footrest

4. Anigu Mesh Reclining Folding Camp Chair with Footrest
9.2/10 Our Score

ANIGU Mesh Reclining Folding Camp Chair is one of the most popular camps chairs on the market for its high value and comfort levels. As its name points out, this is an adjustable reclining chair that locks in both closed and open positions for enhanced stability and easy hauling inside the stuff sack.

This seat features a 260-pound weight capacity and is made to last. It’s firm seat and slightly reclined back provides an excellent feeling overall. Its 22 inch width makes it broader and more comfortable than other chairs.

This ANIGU camping chair features a highly durable polyester that will provide enhanced durability despite the climatic condition. During hot summer camping, the set has a mesh window for improved airflow to keep you cool. It also has a mesh footrest to ensure full relaxation.

The arms have two mesh cup holders to hold your snacks, books, and whatever you need. Its full-sized carrying strap is built-in, making it convenient when moving from one location to another. The chair is lightweight, weighing 11 pounds, and an easy to carry unfolded size. Even better, this camping seat comes in many color varieties giving you a vast pool of colors to choose from.

This is a quick down, easily packable folding chair with all the features.

5. Kamp-Rite Outdoor Chair with Removable Footrest

5. Kamp-Rite Outdoor Chair with Removable Footrest
9.1/10 Our Score

Another excellent chair for the summer, the Kamp-Rite Outdoor Camping chair with a footrest, adds some style and quality. I love how minimalist yet feature-rich and comfortable this chair can be. This chair is extremely versatile, featuring a completely detachable footrest that leaves a standard camp chair to pull up for a gathering around the campfire.

This Kamp-Rite chair comes with two cup holders to hold your beverages close at hand. It has a high-quality fabric made to withstand your weight and harsh climatic conditions for long. Each armrest has a cup holder to hold your drink as you sip and relax.

It has a sturdy build quality featuring a strong and durable powder-coated steel frame. It can hold a weight capacity of up to 300lbs. The chair folds easily into a portable package that is convenient to carry during your camping trips. For ultimate comfortability, this is the camping chair to go for.

6. GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Chair

6. GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Chair
9.0/10 Our Score

GCI 3-Position Outdoor Reclining Chair is a versatile camping chair featuring a footrest. The chair features an adjustable backrest that can be adjusted into three positions.

One of this camping chair’s best features is an included ottoman with the chair to rest your feet. When not in use, the footrest can be folded back into the chair for convenience. Another feature on this chair is a side table with the included cup holder. You will also love the extra space available for you to place your drink and personal items on the side table.

The chair is foldable into compact and flat dimensions to allow you to move it from one location to another quickly. The unique feature of this camping chair is a built-in drink holder. This holder can accommodate your beverages, maintaining your thirst-quenchers ice cold and within reach. It is a portable design that enables easy folding for transport and storage without occupying much valuable space.

With its folding design, you will simply unfold it, and the chair is ready to use. It includes a durable shoulder bag and lightweight design to carry comfortably while camping.

7. Yolafe Camping Chair with Footrest

7. Yolafe Camping Chair with Footrest
8.7/10 Our Score

This Lounge Chaise Camping Chair is an excellent choice for any outdoor activity. It comes with four steel coated frames and a high-quality Oxford cloth making it durable and stable to sustain up to 300 lbs. and prevent it from rusting.

One of the unique features of this chair is its fully automatic footrest design. When you lie down on your back, the footrest will be lowered automatically. This ergonomic design provides you with the best seat experience allowing you to relax.

This chair has a durable fabric made of high-quality polyester that offers relaxed seating and withstands bad climatic conditions without damage while still maintaining its stylish look. The hems’ material fabric has a sleek appearance of an attractive diamond stitch design at the backrest.

This seat has a two back pocket and mesh, deep and wide for storing your items, and blends perfectly with its overall design. It has been customized for easy transport for you with a shoulder carry bag for sufficient storage and transportation.

8. Armor Castle Portable Camping Chair

8. Armor Castle Portable Camping Chair
8.5/10 Our Score

If you love outdoor camping, you don’t want to miss out on this Portable Camping Chair. This award-winning reclining chair is designed for those of us who love outdoor activities. After sitting for a long tie at 90°, the chair is adjustable at a back angle of 145°.

The feature that makes this chair feature on my list is its built-in footrest and headrest to relax during your camping. It is constructed with an ergonomic padded high back design that supports and cushions your waist and back when sitting down. It also features detachable padded support that can be easily folded, allowing you to pass through tight spaces, particularly in the woods.

This camping seat has a padded foam seat and cup holder that ensures your arms rest free without any obstructions. The chair’s frame is made of a heavy-duty steel frame that can endure up to 300 lbs. without sliding or toppling over.

The chair’s fabric is made from highly durable polyester, which gives it an attractive appearance and allows it to withstand severe climatic conditions. Its wide design and sufficient sitting space give you extra coziness even when sitting for a longer time. The seat comes with foldable frames and a carrier bag for easy movement, which most people desire in a camping chair. It collapses down to occupy a minimum space.

9. Xgear 2 in 1 Camping Chair with Footrest

9. Xgear 2 in 1 Camping Chair with Footrest
8.2/10 Our Score

Comfortable and lightweight, the XGEAR 2 in 1 Camping Chair can make an excellent camping companion. The camping chair has all features and qualities you require, including a detachable footrest for the ultimate comfortability. The chair comes with an attachable side table and can transform into a lounge chair.

You can also adjust the height of the back to meet your specific requirement. It is made of steel frames and polyester covering, making it durable, strong, and pretty comfortable. Non-slip rubber covers on the feet to ensure a firm stand.

This seat has wholly cushioned seats with gently padded covers that provide extra support for your back and ultimate comfort while enjoying outdoor camping. The armrests are effortlessly adjustable for customizing the seat to your specific needs. Its high-quality fabric and stable construction make this lounge chair safer than others. I highly recommend this chair model as one of the best camping seats in the market today.

10. TravelChair Big Bubba Chair

10. TravelChair Big Bubba Chair
8.0/10 Our Score

Last but not least is the high-quality TravelChair Big Bubba Chair. It is big, high quality and full of love. This is one of the best lawn chairs with an adjustable footrest that offers you a treat for warm weather and total relaxation.

Another feature of this chair is an adjustable contour pillow that gives you a comfortable headrest. It also inclines in the right-back angle to help support your whole body comfortably. To ensure they remain solid over a long time, the chair is made of heavy-duty fabrics, rigid nylon connectors, and thick-walled steel tubing for durability and strength.

It comes with a carry case and is well foldable for easy portability. With a deep seat and high back, all-day comfort is one sit away.

Considerations Before Buying a Camp Chair with Footrest


Everyone loves comfortable chairs. Chair reclining and footrest allows us to have more comfort in the outdoors. Camping can be very tiresome, and you can get fatigued by having fun activities and setting up the camping gear. Having a good chair where you can sit and relax can be very beneficial.


Purchasing a lightweight and portable camping chair with a footrest is the best idea. A lightweight chair allows you to easily carry it anywhere during the camping according to your preference. Try to invest in a well foldable chair with a footrest. It will help to save on storage space as well as be easily transported for long journeys. Hence, you should always check the camping chair’s weight before you purchase the perfect chair for camping.


Camping chairs need to be very portable. They should be foldable to be able to carry them easily. If they are not foldable, the chair will be hard to put inside a car. It won’t also be easy to pack or unpack them in the corner of the vehicle. It is better if they are foldable so we can easily store them in a pack or bag.


You should never sacrifice the durability of a camping chair. Although lightweight chairs are ideal for transport and storage, you will need to confirm whether they are durable enough. Otherwise, you might often require to purchase a new chair, which won’t be a fair deal. You should search for chairs with robust built, stylish, and aesthetic but strong enough to remain stable in one place. Camping chairs made of aluminum are lightweight and durable for the long term.


The footprint denotes the actual physical space that the chair occupies when folded. Hence, this should be a significant consideration when purchasing a camping chair because you will carry the chair with you to outdoor camping. A camping chair with a small footprint can easily fit in the car trunk along with other items that you bring with you on your trip. You should hence look for a chair that does not occupy much space when folded up.


One of the critical things that the camping chair you are investing in should offer you is ample comfort. The chair that you choose should allow you to sit in any direction and relax without causing pain. Always invest in a well adjustable and customizable camping chair. You should not have any trouble when resting on your back or talking to your friends.


Like anything else, the price is paramount. If you don’t do regular camping and outdoor activities, buying an affordable seat would be excellent. However, if you plan to use the chair a lot for backyard barbecue or camping, then purchasing an expensive chair is worthwhile. Get a chair that is ideal for your needs and works well for you.

Camp Chairs with Footrest- FAQ’s

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Bottom Line

There are many uncomfortable things to sit on out there, so you should not let your chair be one of those things. I hope that this guide will help you pick the best camp chair for you. The reviewed chairs have a track record of good customer reviews and have a good reputation. You don’t need to suffer when such convenience is readily at hand. So, choose one of the above-reviewed camping chairs, pack up and hit the trails or get out on the road. Well wishes and safe travels.

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