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Best Affordable Hiking Shoes When You Have a Tight Budget (Men & Women)

best affordable hiking shoes for men and women

If you are planning to hike whether you are a seasoned hiker or not, one of the most vital things that you will achieve your objectives is reliable hiking shoes. Reliable and quality hiking shoes will make the hiking activity bearable and relatively pain-free.

This is because hiking shoes are specially designed to offer protection to the foot and legs that other conventional shoes cannot provide. Features like traction and waterproof are a must for a shoe you will be used to hike.That said, some hiking shoes go for premium amounts and can hurt your finances. However, you cannot miss a quality budget hiking shoe on the market. In this article, I will go through some of the best budget hiking shoes that you can use not only for hiking but also for all outdoor activities.

In a Hurry? Here’s My Quick Take:

Best Cheap and Affordable Hiking Shoes- Men

#1. Kwong Wah Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Kwong Wah Mens Waterproof Hiking Shoes BootsThe shoes come in a classic brown color that perfectly matches the outdoor activities that you will be undertaking.

For the price, this hiking shoe has some excellent features that make it great value for money. Like many other hiking shoes, it is waterproof, meaning that you won’t have to worry about the weather or to get through a shallow stream. It has a quality suede leather and fantastic mesh upper, making it comfortable to wear any time of day no matter the weather. The shoe keeps moisture, dirt, and other debris out, as it has a closed-cell foam tongue.

What’s more, it has a protective rubber toe cap, protecting your toes from the rigorous outdoor activities. With a breathable mesh lining makes it fantastic for protecting your foot from getting unnecessary injuries. This is emphasized with the added zonal arch and incredible heel support. You will be able to keep conditions like planta fasciitis at bay. It has the molded nylon arch shank to offer even more protection and support to the entire leg. It has an air cushion in the heel that acts as a shock absorber, adding stability via the EVA midsole. With this shoe, comfort is guaranteed, as is your foot and heel protection.

#2. HUMTTO Hiking Shoes for Men

HUMTTO Hiking ShoesAlso coming in the classic brown color, this shoe is for the hiking lovers who know what to expect from a quality hiking shoe.

Since hiking involves your feet colliding with hard surfaces, the shoe takes care of this by having a rubber at the front. This is important as it shields your toes from hitting with hard surfaces while climbing or hiking. You can, therefore, fully concentrate on your hiking without having to worry about minor toe injuries.

With a closed-cell Tongue, you will efficiently keep debris, dirt, and moisture out of the shoe. Shedding mud is straightforward due to the lugged outsoles. No debris or mud can slow you down when you are hiking, trekking, or climbing in these shoes. The shoe comes with a lace-up density closure that allows for a customized fit, surrounding your foot entirely.

While in the outdoors, the vital factor is always foot comfort, and this shoe offers that in abundance. These are excellent shoes that can be used for many outdoor activities such as backpacking trips, hiking, trekking. Day hike, city walking ad traveling.

What’s more, they are stylish enough for everyday wear and even as work shoes. You will be getting excellent value for money with these shoes fit for all occasions.

#3. EYUSHIJIA Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Shoes

EYUSHIJIA Mens Hiking ShoesFor people looking for a light hiking or trekking shoes that don’t compromise on comfort and durability, then this budget hiking shoe is a must-have. It has all the essential features that make great hiking shoes.

The design is excellent with a waterproof construction due to the seam-sealed finish. At the front of the shoe is a rubber to cap that acts as a shield. It protects the toe from injuries due to collision with hard surfaces.

With a suede leather and mesh upper, cleaning the shoe is easy and fast, meaning you won’t have to worry about passing muddy terrain. It’s comfortable to wear as the shoe is designed to have a padded collar and tongue with a lace-up closure. These features make the fitting adjustable and secure at the same time. You won’t have to worry about twisting your ankle when navigating through steep terrain.

With a breathable mesh, wearing this shoe in hot weather is not an issue. Even on a humid day, the breathability on offer ensures that you get rid of moisture quite quickly. The shoe also has a light midsole offering maximum stability and comfort. The outsole is made from rubber, making the shoe non-slip, providing excellent traction and grip in all kinds of environments. This shoe is one of the best cheap hiking shoes you can find on the market today.

#4. FANTURE Men’s Lightweight Hiking Shoes

FANTURE Lightweight Hiking ShoesThis is another fantastic shoe that is great for all outdoor activities. It has a stylish design feel to it, making it exciting and also fashionable to wear. Therefore, you are sure to look your best even when you are hiking. It comes in various colors, such as dark gray, black, brown, and mixed olives. These colors are a perfect blend with the nature of hiking, climbing, and trekking activities.

It has non slip features because the sole is made of rubber. This makes the sole durable and sturdy and can withstand even the roughest terrain. With durable and breathable materials, the shoe is both comfortable to wear and offers maximum protection to your foot.

The breathable mesh upper offers excellent ventilation properties and fast-draining enabling your feet to stay dry when you are on the move. It is a great hiking shoe that offers ankle and foot support whenever you are hiking or climbing.

It has a padded midsole and lining that offers maximum comfort and foot support on the terrain. The shoelaces are durable, and the shoe also protects your toes since it has the rubber toe cap. If you happen to be climbing on your hiking trips, be sure that your toes are protected from danger and injury.

#5. Columbia Men’s Buxton Peak Hiking Shoe

Columbia Buxton Peak mens Hiking ShoeThis hiking is one for all outdoor activities that you might be having. It is 100% leather making it durable and also comfortable to wear for men who love the outdoors.

Columbia Boxton peak comes with a rubber sole that offers excellent non-slip properties. With superior traction and grip from, you will be able to climb ang hike with much simplicity. It has a light and durable midsole for maximum comfort and energy return. If you want a shoe that will protect your foot from substantial impact after foot strike, then this is the best.

Getting rid of moisture is straight forward and efficient. The full-grain leather on the shoe comes with mesh construction. It makes it durable and also provides excellent breathability advantages. It has an adjustable mechanism featuring a lace-up closure, which secures you fit in the foot. You don’t have to worry about hurting your ankle on a treacherous day when hiking or trekking.

It offers excellent versatility due to its stylish design making an everyday shoe. Whether going to work, city walking, climbing, hiking, or trekking, this shoe has got you covered. This hiking shoe also comes with Omni-Grip features. What this means is that the kit has a multi-terrain traction adaptation mechanism. The treads match specific environments. For instance, its dual-zone winter tread is excellent when walking on ice or snow.

Best Cheap and Affordable Hiking Shoes- Women

#1. Columbia Women’s Redmond Hiking Shoe

Columbia Womens Redmond Waterproof Hiking ShoeThe Columbia Women’s Redmond Hiking Shoe is one of the best in the market for women who love hiking. It’s made of leather and textile that will guarantee you excellent service and durability since leather is one of the best materials for making shoes.

Moreover, it is an incredibly waterproof shoe that will benefit you in your hiking trips to the mountain, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your shoes getting wet. It has a rubber sole, which offers excellent traction on slippery surfaces such as ice and snow, which significantly reduces the chances of slipping on during hiking.

On top of this, the upper layer of the shoe is made by a combination of suede leather, webbing, and mesh. Its midsole is made of light Techlite material, and the non-marking traction rubber outer sole provides a very impressive grip. All this makes the shoe comfortable, adding to the fact that it is fashionable and stylish, meaning that it can be used for daily use in non-terrain surroundings.

The Columbia Techlite material is added to this shoe, which offers a high cushioning for impact absorption and optimal comfort when walking in aggressive terrain. This show will surely leave your hiking mates admiring it after seeing its convenience first-hand.

#2. Saucony Women’s Excursion TR12 Sneaker

Saucony Womens Grid Excursion SneakerSaucony is one of the most popular and adored names in running shoes. The Saucony Women’s Excursion TR12 sneaker is among the best of its kind. It is entirely synthetic, making it have a great lightweight feel and brings with it a high level of breathability. This makes it efficient, especially in hot seasons.

It has a rubber sole, which gives it excellent traction hence reduces the chances of sliding and slipping when running or walking. The outsole is also made of rubber, which makes it durable, thus assures you its service for an extended period.

The shoe is also well equipped with a trail-specific mesh that has supportive overlays that fit your foot perfectly into place. Also, it is wide enough, which makes it very comfortable. This will enable you to wear it for an extended period without feeling any exhaustion in your feet. Athletes, in particular, will find this shoe very reliable to them hence confirming its suitability in all situations.

The shoe is extremely good looking and can, therefore, be used with a variety of outfits making it very stylish. It is a shoe that will meet all your needs as it provides optimal stability for any activity that you will be undertaking.

#3. Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Q2 Hiking Shoes

Merrell Womens Siren Edge Hiking ShoesThese Merrell Women’s Hiking shoes are another excellent choice for women who love to hike or trek. The fact that it is 100% textile makes the shoe one to purchase because it guarantees comfort. Since the shoe has a rubber sole, it offers excellent traction and non-slip properties, making it attractive when you are trying to scale rough terrain.

What’s more, for maximum traction, the outsole comes with M select grip, which provides durable traction that adapts to your needs. Whatever the impact of the foot on the surface, this shoe is sure to offer maximum grip on your activities. The QFORM 2 technology in the midsole and insole are gender designed and engineered. They, therefore, ensure natural alignment while at the same time providing superior comfort during your outdoor activities. It also comes with an insole that has Kinetic Fit TRI technology, which follows your foot contour. Therefore, the foot fits perfectly in the shoe.

The shoe supports your arch since it has triple-zone feature just for that. With antimicrobial agents from M Select FRESH, your shoe will not be smelling after you return from a hiking day. The features of this shoe make an excellent choice for an outdoor woman. Your expertise on the terrain deserves a quality matching shoe.

#4. adidas outdoor Women’s Terrex AX3

adidas outdoor Womens Terrex AX3Numerous features form these shoes that will make you fall in love with hiking even more. Apart from its affordability, several hiking-specific features on offer make it a great shoe to acquire. It has a mesh and synthetic upper, which offers excellent breathability. Therefore your foot will always be dry when trekking since it gets rid of moisture efficiently.

For starters, it offers lightweight durability. The shoe is designed to be light so as not to stress your legs and feet when hiking with extra weight while not compromising on quality. It provided excellent and superior support for the hiking woman.

The outsole grip of this shoe is fantastic, offering non-slip properties when you are out hiking or climbing. The shoe is designed for women only, meaning it caters to the unique needs that women bring on the terrain. It has a protective toe rand, ensuring that you will not hurt your toes while hiking. Your only focus will, therefore, to beat the challenge that any terrain brings.

With a padded collar and tongue, in combination with a lace-up closure, makes the shoe adjustable and comfortable to wear. It, therefore, protects your ankles from twisting when hiking. The EVA midsole is light and offers efficient underfoot support while acting as a shock absorber.

#5. Salomon Women’s Pathfinder Hiking Shoes

salomon pathfinder womens shoeThis excellent shoe is synthetic, which means it is great for outdoor activities. It has a shaft measuring low-top from the arch, therefore, fits many women who love hiking and trekking. It has excellent versatility as the shoe can be used for trail running and hiking as well. This is because it is lightweight and low-top.

The shoe combines stylish and functionality in stunning design. It comes with a protective coated leather upper, while the sole offers an aggressive Salomon contagrip making it easy to conquer any terrain. You will be able to make any path your own since it comes with an ultra durable sole, making it perfect for walking, trail running, backpacking or hiking. The protective toe rand at the front ensures that your toes are adequately protected whenever you are out hiking or climbing. It ensures that you avoid niggling toe injuries that come with climbing or hiking.

The mesh design and waterproof membrane make this shoe a fit for all weather. The breathability is superb ensuring maximum comfort on the terrain. It has superior support and cushioning with manufacturer famous for innovative design and passion for hiking and mountain climbing. Selecting this shoe gives you confidence that the features will serve you well on the terrain.

Considerations Before Buying Budget Hiking Shoes

Choosing a good hiking shoe is an essential undertaking if you want to have a fun-filled time on the terrain. If you pick the wrong shoe that doesn’t fit you or isn’t comfortable, you will end up straining your foot, which might lead to injury. Therefore, whether you are a seasoned hiker or a newbie, getting the best hiking shoe that fits you is a great place to start if you want to beat any terrain. The shoe should be able to cushion and protect your leg with each foot strike and impact.

Even if you are buying cheap hiking shoes, some features must be present for you to enjoy your hiking trips. These include:

Grip and traction

The shoe should have non-slip soles that will make it easy to walk even on a wet and slippery surface. Hiking is not for the faint-hearted, and if you get a shoe that doesn’t have an aggressive grip, you will quit on the first try. Rubber soles are excellent since they are durable and offer sufficient grip during outdoor activities. Therefore, if the shoe has an excellent grip, then it will be worth buying it.

The factors to consider here include:

  • The Lug Pattern
  • Heel brake

Waterproof and breathable membranes

This is a must for any hiking shoe, even if it is a budget one. The breathability of a shoe is important as it helps to keep your foot dry even in wet conditions. You can, therefore, beat the terrain even on a rainy.

Comfort when wearing

The purpose of having hiking shoe is protecting your feet and legs when undertaking rigorous activities. If you are carrying a heavy backpack on your hiking trip, the shoe you are wearing will go a long way in ensuring if you achieve your targets.

The things to look for include:

  • Midsoles
  • Shanks
  • Insoles

If a budget shoe offers comfort, breathability, and traction features, then it will be worth investing in them. They may not be premium shoes, but they will get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiking shoes vs. Trail Runners

Hiking shoes have better traction than shoes meant for trail running. Trail runners are meant for running, although I rougher terrain than usual but don’t have the same level of grip and traction like hiking shoes.

Should I get hiking boots or shoes?

It depends on what a hiker is looking for in a shoe. If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to pack, and quick-drying properties, then a hiking shoe is best. Hiking boot, on the other hand, is a bit heavier but offers excellent ankle support than shoes. It also provides good traction than a hiking shoe.

Can I wear running shoes or sneakers for hiking?

You can but shouldn’t. If your ordinary sneaker for a hike, you will be punishing your foot, legs, and back for no good reason. You might also slip and injure your ankle since ordinary shoes and sneakers do not offer traction like hiking shoes.

Is ankle support necessary for hiking?

Ankle support is essential when hiking to avoid twisting and spraining.

How much should you really spend on hiking shoes?

Considering there are premium hiking shoes that go for around $150-$200, getting hiking in the range from $20-$70 seems the right choice. It all depends if you really want to protect your foot while hiking.

Do hiking shoes make a difference? Is it worth the money?

Hiking shoes offer traction, ankle, and foot support while ensuring maximum comfort in your activities. They are worth every penny if you want to enjoy your hiking activities.

Final Verdict

The above list contains some of the best affordable hiking shoes for both men and women who love outdoor activities like hiking. Choosing a fitting and comfortable shoe is essential as you will be able to hike for long without hurting your legs or back. With a quality hiking shoe, you will be ready to conquer different terrain with much ease.

The crucial things to look for in a budget hiking shoe is the traction, comfort, and ankle support it offers. Always look for rubber soles that ensure maximum adhesion. The upper design should also tell you how comfortable the shoe will be. Therefore, take your time and find a shoe that fits your unique needs, and start enjoying your hikes on every occasion.

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