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How to Know If Hiking Boots are Too Big

How should hiking boots fit

Imagine yourself on a trail up the mountain. Undoubtedly, going up this mountain is no mean feat. You can only imagine the time, effort, and energy you will spend. But have you ever asked yourself about the impact of shoes in this pursuit?

Usually, it will be upon you to choose which boots to wear. But, the shoes will play an integral role in defining the comfort that you experience throughout the hiking. It is in this regard that you should be sure of how to choose such boots.

Well, the big question would always be, how fitting should the shoes be? Should they be smaller, bigger, or just a size bigger? It is one of the most worrying questions among hikers. But worry not.

One prominent aspect is that you should never buy boots that are too big. They will be not only uncomfortable but also a great inconvenience to you in the long run. So, how fitting should your hiking shoes be?

Perhaps we should take an informative hike with you. It would come in handy in highlighting some of the things you should always consider. We take a look at some of the aspects that will open up your mind to better decision-making.

How Should Your Hiking Boots Fit?

First, it would be best to address the essence of buying fitting shoes. As mentioned, these shoes will define your comfort during the hike. They will also come in handy in determining your level of endurance during the whole venture. Fitting shoes will ensure that you do not drain energy much sooner.

Let’s talk about how to fit your shoes. Various steps go into fitting these shoes. They will often include the following.

  • Ensure that you measure both feet. It is through this that you will get a starting point to pick the right size. And did you know that one foot could be bigger than the other?
  • Once you put on the shoe, ensure that you lace it, and try to wiggle your toes. Such should be done while standing up. At this time, ensure that the toes are relatively close to the front of the shoe’s toebox but not necessarily touching it.
  • Roll forward onto the toes and then the heels. If your feet fit, the heels will not move. For as long as the heel keeps moving, you will be sure of getting blisters on your feet.
  • You could also spare some time to walk both downhill and uphill. Have you ever done a test-drive? Well, this is one of those. For as long as the feet are securely positioned, you are good to go.
  • Feel free to take a few strolls around the store, and at varying speeds. Through this, you will get an insight into what to expect in the long run.

How to Know That The Hiking Boots are Too Big

Now, we understand that you will not get lucky at all times. Perhaps you shopped online. And seemingly, the shoes are not fitting. Whenever you buy online, there is a chance that you will get bigger shoes. And it is not your fault.

Usually, you will need to confirm the size of your feet again. But, remember, different brands use different sizing. As such, seven inches in one brand could be different from seven inches in a different brand. Take your time to try and fit the shoe. Perhaps, following the steps mentioned above would be helpful.

While at it, it would be essential for you to come with your hiking socks. Preferably, they should be your everyday brand. Often, the thickness of the socks matter. For instance, if you are going to hike in a cold area, you most likely will need the thickest socks possible. In this regard, you had better brought both thick and thin socks.

Ensure that you are conversant with the width of the shoes. You need a breadth that goes hand in hand with how slim or big your feet are. If you do not get an ideal width from your preferred brand, feel free to explore the others.

Try the shoes as much as you want. Whether you choose to leave the premises or not, ensure that you are completely satisfied before you finally pay for the product. This move will help in cushioning you against wastage of your resources in the long run.

Did you know that buying your shoes at the end of the day? Such would often be the best time since there is a probability that your feet are already swollen. As such, you will be sure that when your feet swell during the hike, you will not end up in painful discomfort.

Any Costly Mistakes to Avoid?

While at it, it would be vital for you to avoid various costly mistakes during this transaction. Such will be the time for you to consider the following.

  • Do not rush into buying the shoes because of the brand, color, or design. Take your time. Let comfort be a priority.
  • Do not shy away from asking for help. People will always come in handy in offering you some of the invaluable insights that you would otherwise be blind to.
  • Never focus on a particular brand only. There is a high chance that you will get a better option if you widen your scope
  • Pay attention to your budget. Such will be the best time for you to consider comparing different sellers and consequently selecting whoever suits your budget better.
  • Above all, it would be best for you not to ask someone to buy the shoes for you. The chances are that you will end up either inconvenienced or uncomfortable.

Further, there are instances when people prefer buying shoes that are either half an inch or a whole size bigger. If you are one, you are not wrong, and you are not alone. This move will come in handy only when you intend to go to colder regions. It is during such times that you are likely to put on layers of socks to help in keeping you warm.

To sum up, getting comfortable and fitting shoes will always need to be a priority. This move will is more likely to give you the satisfaction and experience that you so desire in this pursuit. Go get yourself one!

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