Sex While Camping; Tips, What to Do, What Not to Do

tips for having sex while camping

There are different ways that you can use in the improvement of your sex life, like having outdoor sex, different parts of the house, or using sex toys for new experiences. While outdoors, you are in the company of fellow campers, kids, and annoying bugs. With the right preparation, you can overcome the obstacles and give your partner an unforgettable experience once in a while. This article is your ultimate for having healthy sex while camping.

The Planning Stage

Before you go camping, you need to make the preparations highlighted below.

Accessories appropriately

You need to stay comfortable and safe as you create lasting memories with your partner. You should purchase or hire the appropriate sleeping and camping gear. You should also consider getting the best lights for lighting your tent as you have sex. Get a large tent and cozy sleeping bags to increase your comfort before, during, and after sex.

Prepare spouse for the new experience

A surprise works wonders in making the sexual encounter memorable. As you go camping, you can prepare your spouse by word of mouth or body language as you wait for an opportune moment to pounce. Before the camping experience, you can select the tools required and choose a list of sex styles to explore together.

Choose a good date

Take advantage of special dates to have sex out of the bedroom. You can purpose to go camping with your spouse on special dates like Valentine’s Day, your birthdays, and the anniversary date. You should also ensure that the weather is favorable for outdoor camping. You should also check the weather forecast to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Cross-check your checklist

You need a list to shop right for the upcoming experience(s). Before disembarking on the trip, you should ensure that you have all the essential requirements for the entire family. You can also get extra stuff to help out your neighbors if need be. You should have a separate list of the items you need to make the sex unforgettable.

Do not carry illegal stuff

A camping expedition does not make you immune to the law. You should avoid falling on the wrong side of authorities by avoiding contrabands. Avoid drugs like marijuana in the states that do not allow recreational consumption of marijuana. Ensure that your teenage kids do not pull surprises on you by having illegal drugs as you go family camping.

At the Camp

At the campsite, you can adhere to the guidelines highlighted below as you prepare for the night.

Choose your spot wisely

You need an ideal outdoor spot to make the intercourse sweet and memorable. You should select a slightly secluded spot that is less sloppy, rugged, and too bushy. Avoid setting up your tent too far from the crowd to ensure that you are safe during the camp. You can also clear additional vegetation around your tent to improve your security.

Get the tent ready before taking a walk

Camping allows you to interact with nature from a deeper point. After selecting an ideal spot, you can set up camp before taking a walk as a couple or family. You can pitch the tent together as you prepare for the night, making it easier even if you are fatigued after a long hike.

Be respectful of your camping colleagues

You can help your spouse to get in the mood for erotic sex by maintaining contact as you hike or participate in the group activities. You can make the public display of affection minimal to avoid making your colleagues uncomfortable. Take the opportunity to make conversations on different topics as you prepare for the night.

Wear the kids out

If you have kids, you might get a hard time in finding adequate privacy for the intimacy. During the day, you can make the children get fatigued through long hikes and allowing them to play so that they can sleep soundly during the night. You can use the newfound privacy to make love while maintaining your voices on the low.

Keep the phone at bay

The smartphone allows you to interact with people from different parts of the universe but can ruin the quality of your camping experience. It would be best if you took the time to focus more on your spouse and make new friendship ties. You can use a camera to take photos and videos of friends and family members.

What to Do During Sex

While having sex in your tent, you should consider the guidelines highlighted below.

Use the appropriate lighting

Someone can easily identify the activity transpiring in your tent from a distance depending on the lighting. Turn off the lamps and flashlights to reduce the illumination of light on your naked bodies. The experience allows you to enjoy sex in the dark, especially if you prefer making love with lights on at home.

Dress appropriately

Sexing in a tent can be risky, especially if you have nosy neighbors or kids. It will help if you avoid embarrassing situations by wearing loose-fitting clothes that allow you to access the genitalia with lots of ease. You can avoid unwanted embarrassments of getting caught pants down by your children.

Stay discreet

Outdoor sex requires the utmost discretion from both of you as your neighbors might not be asleep as you make love. While camping, you should try to moan silently to avoid distracting your neighbors. It is also right that you take things slow to minimize movement of your tent as you are copulating to draw little attention.

Use comfortable positions

You need creativity in your foreplay, oral sex, and actual penetration. The tent limits free movement that you might enjoy while having sex from the confines of your room. You can use the list of positions that you have selected prior or opt to improvise new sex positions as you get caught up in the intense moment of getting satisfaction.

Slightly unzip the tent

The tent is likely to get hotter as your bodies release more heat during the coitus. You can unzip the tent slightly to allow air circulation to keep your bodies fresh and comfortable. Unzipping the tent also allows you to keep an eye on approaching figures that might interrupt your precious lovemaking session.

Play some music to get you in the mood

Music helps you to get in a good mood at any moment. While having in the tent, music helps to set the mood and also helps you to get privacy as outsiders do not get your voices. The House of Marley Chant Speaker will keep entertained for hours on end before running out of power.

Be on the Lookout for bugs

Outdoor make you vulnerable to attacks from insects that might kill the vibe. Use an anti-bug spray to keep your bodies and interior of the tent free of bugs that are so eager to crawl on your bodies. Ensure that you do not spray on your penis, vagina, and the face to reduce the chances of having allergic reactions that might ruin the moment.

What to Do After Sex

After sweating each other out, you should do as follows.

Clean up the mess

Outdoor sex does not allow you adequate time to clean up after sex comfortably. You can use condoms to reduce the spillages of sperms on sleeping bags and outdoor blankets. After sex, you can use the baby wipes to clean up. Ensure that you dispose of the condoms and wipes into your disposable Ziploc storage bags.

Make use of the wipes

After a long hike, you might not find the ideal opportunity to take a shower. You can use the wet wipes to dry clean your bodies and get a fresh smell before you take turns going down on each other. The wet wipes are effective in eradicating the scent of semen and vaginal juices released during the copulation and remove bacteria threatening sexual health.

Keep warm

Sex burns large volumes of calories form the body prompting the bodies to release lots of sweat. The latent heat of vaporization makes the body to get cold as you are exposed to the cool breeze. You can cuddle and also cover yourselves using an outdoor blanket to keep the bodies warm and healthy.

Check your surroundings

While having sex late in the night, your neighbors might be deep asleep. You can take a sweep around your tent to see if your neighbors are at peace or in need of help. If you have kids, you can also check them before retreating to your tent. If your surrounding is all safe, you can opt to sleep or make love to your partner once again.


In conclusion, having sex in the wild exposes you to getting caught by your kids or neighbors, but you assured of sexual satisfaction. Funnily enough, getting busted pants down by a stranger might be more memorable in the days to come. As you prepare to have sex while camping, you can adhere to the guidelines above or let things fall in place naturally out in the wild.

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