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A Complete Guide to Camping Chairs

Complete guide to camping chairs

In outdoor camping, you take away all amenities of your daily life. Hence, you need to ensure that you can find coziness in objects you still have access to. Choosing a good camping chair for your outdoor camp out can determine the overall quality of your outdoor experience.

Whether you are spending a weekend away in the great outdoors or just going to a socially distanced picnic, a camping chair makes relaxing outside more comfortable. With lots of different models available in the market, it’s challenging to choose the best chair. Here is a complete guide to camping chairs to help you understand what you should consider when you go out to purchase one.

Different Types of Camping Chairs and Appropriate Uses

There are three main types of camping chairs available in the market. These include;

Minimal camping chairs

Minimal camping chairs are those with essential chair parts such as a seat bottom and legs. These chars might also include a seat back and armrests. They are made with a foldable design, making them simply portable. They are also ideal for an ordinary outdoor trip that does not involve lots of movements from one location to another. Minimal camping seats are available in two styles; folding chairs and stools.

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Regular camping chairs

These come with a portable and low-weight design. The main features of regular camping chairs include; carrying cases, cup holders, shades, grippy feet, and footrests. Backpacking chairs are common types of regular camping seats because they are portable and easier to store.

Luxurious camping chairs

These are made to offer you ultimate luxury and comfort. These camping chairs are made in a way that provides sufficient upkeep for your back and bottom and maximum stability. Additionally, these type of camping chairs often comes with extra features such as footrests and reclining seats. Car camping seats are common styles of luxury camping chairs that are largely used for outdoor activities such as picnics, festivals, and sporting events.

What Makes a Great Camping Chair?

With lots of different camping chair models available in the market, it’s a bit tricky to find the best one for your needs. Here is a look at some of the essential factors you should consider when looking to invest in a new camping chair.

Size & Weight

Camping chairs are available in a range of sizes and extreme weight that they can support. To choose the right one for your outdoor camping needs, you should consider whether you are too big for the chair, if it is wide enough for you, and if it’s strong enough to sustain your weight.

Durability & quality

When you go out to purchase a camping chair, you want one that will last for years. You should hence opt for one that is made of the best quality and durable materials. With camping chairs, quality, and durability go hand in hand. If the chair is durable, it is most likely to be high quality as well. Check whether the chair is comfortable if it has good back and lumbar support and if it offers beverage holders.


One of the critical things that the camping chair you are investing in should offer you is ample comfort. The chair that you choose should allow you to sit in any direction and relax without causing pain. Always invest in a well adjustable and customizable camping chair. You should not have any trouble when resting on your back or talking to your friends.


The footprint refers to the actual physical space that the chair occupies when folded. Hence, this should be a significant consideration when purchasing a camping chair because you will carry the chair with you to outdoor camping. A camping chair with a small footprint can easily fit in the car trunk along with other items that you bring with you on your trip. You should hence look for a chair that does not occupy much space when folded up.


Summertime camping can have hot scorching sunlight that might harm your skin. This is why you need to consider a camping chair with a canopy or a sunshade. You have to sit on these camping chairs outdoors, so the canopy should be appropriately fitted for shade protection. It is also important that you ensure you can alter the canopy’s height according to your mood and preference. Some camping chairs come with a removable canopy feature, while some do not have. I recommend that you go for the customized canopies with the chairs, which you can easily remove after usage.

Extra Features

You obviously want a camping chair that makes you feel special when you go out. However, they come with different designs and a wide range of features that takes care of various needs. You should opt for a premium chair with storage compartments to keep your belongings, headrest, comfortable arm, and some camping chairs even come with detachable umbrellas for ultimate comfortability.


You should always have a budget in mind when preparing to buy a chair for camping. With camping chairs, you should always avoid both the costly models as well as very inexpensive models and instead opt for a fair mid-priced model. You can consider comparing different prices between stores and brands to find the best one that suits your budget.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Camping Chairs

Your camping chair goes through a pretty rough life. It gets mixed into the trunk, driven or back ridden into remote campsite, thrown into the ground, and get sat on by your heavyweight. Nevertheless, most people do not think about proper care and maintenance for the camping chairs. Unlike hiking boots, camping chairs do not require regular replacement and can last a lifetime. Some of the few maintenance tips to ensure your camping chair lasts as long as possible include;

Treat the chair with care

Camping chairs are not that delicate or fragile. They are specifically made to be used and hence can withstand a certain amount of abuse. Taking care of your chair and handling it properly will make it last longer. Do not tug your chair out of the carrying bag, throw it on the ground or rip it open. You should not pop into your chair with all might as it might cause unnecessary strain to the chair’s legs. Instead, you should go easy on it and assemble it carefully.

Inspect your chair

After every use, it is essential to take some minutes to examine your chair and look for damage. In case of any loose bolts, tighten the bolts and screws and do proper repairs before the materials fail. For instance, if the fabric is starting to tear, you should reinforce the section with gear repair tape or stitches before it rips.

Keep them away from the rain and flames

Precipitation and moisture can weaken your seat fabrics and cause mildew. Hence, you should keep your chair under rain cover or toss it in your vehicle overnight to keep it dry. Similarly, campsite flames can cause holes and burns on your chair so ensure it is not too close to the fire.

Proper storage

Ensure that your camping chair is carefully stored in its sleeve to protect it from getting damaged. Before storing it, remove all the grime and dirt. You can store your camping chairs in large bins, stack them in a corner, hang them on the wall or put them in a cabinet or locker.


A good camping chair can make a difference between an enjoyable trip and one that you would forget as soon. I hope this complete guide to camping chairs has offered you the information you can use to ensure you purchase a perfect camping seat for your camping needs. Even after purchasing your camping chair, the maintenance tips will help you care for your seat correctly giving it longer durability.

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