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Are Duck Boots Good for Hiking?

Duck Boots for Hiking

My quest for hiking shoes is endless. I like comparing various boots and Duck Boots were on my list. Looking at how long the shoes have been in the market, it easy to see why people feel tempted to try them out. If you have been wondering “are duck boots good for hiking?” I will tell you this for free, they are not good. They only come in handy in areas with wet muddy. They are not made for long walks. However, I always make a point to carry a pair when going on a camp. They have sufficient traction and protection needed for casual walks close to the camp.

Why Duck Boots Should Not Be Used For Hiking

Lack breathability

Duck boots do not have breathability, which becomes a big problem in hiking. They make your feet sweat leading to discomfort and walking difficulties. They are warm regardless of the season, and cause a lot of wetness. You are likely to develop painful blisters due to wet socks and the friction caused by the boots. If you are planning a long hike, avoid duck boots. They only come in handy in short distances where there is water and too much muddy on the path.

Bad traction

The traction on duck boots is not for hiking. While it true they have goof traction, it can only work on easy terrain. It is bad for mountains, rocky areas and within a few minutes you will feel the effect on your feet. They do not offer much protection like hiking boots. What’s more, you quickly slide on slippery ice.

Too spacious

Duck boots are spacious, but not good for long walks. For short distance, you won’t feel the discomfort. They are a nightmare for long hikes because the foot will be moving around. It not only cost you more energy to lift your foot and the shoe, but the friction will cause pain. The uncomfortable experience will result to pain and walking difficulties.

No ankle support

Ankle support is essential. It is an open secret that most people use it to make sales, but duck boot lack this important feature. When on hike with these boots, you chances of getting injuries are high.

What Is The Good Thing About Duck Boots?

They are comfortable

Duck boots come in handy during a hike when you have to deal with a wet area. They are waterproof and no water can penetrate and therefore keep you dry and safe from coldness and dirt. They best when used in short distances especially to cover such areas.

Easy to wear

Duck boots are the easiest boots to slip into and out of. They do not take time like most hiking boots because the toe box is spacious and is not tightened by shoe laces.


Duck bots are mater of waterproof materials. You can enjoy walking in wet paths especially early in the morning without getting wet. However, you should minimize exposure to water to avoid tissue and skin damage.

How to Be Comfortable in Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are shoes you will wear and walk on for miles. They should come with a snug fit, which means they should not tighten your toes or any part of your foot. You should try them in the afternoon when your feet are swollen. Here are more tips to ensure you find the best boots for you hiking trip.

Buy the right size

The right size means width, arch length, and foot’s length arch. However, you shouldn’t’ forget the foot volume. For the best fit, go to your local store and let a specialist assess your feet.

Buy shoes at the end of the day

If you buy your hiking boots in the morning, they are likely to tighten when you go a hike. Feet tend swell due to various activities and so by evening they are in their largest form. This ensures the boots will be comfortable for a whole day walk.

Get the right socks

Buy good sock with the right thickness to match the boots you want to wear. Also go for synthetic socks, they tend to keep your feet dryer than those made of cotton. Synthetic socks tend to dry fast and reduce chances of getting blisters.

Wear the boots before the hike

Put on the boots and walk around in them. You walk up and down everywhere just to see how they feel.

Talk to a footwear specialist

You do not want to cut your hike short because of bumps or pinching on the toes or forefoot. So allow a specialist to allow you find the best fitting pair of boots.

Buy a brand you have owned before

If you have had a pair of boots that you found comfortable, go for the same brand. Most of these companies have a consistent foot model. So, you likely to find a comfortable boot once again.

Change your knot style

How you tie the boots determine how they fit. So, change how you tie if they feel too tight.

Use special insoles

Special insoles are available in various models. They increase comfort and make hiking more comfortable.


Now you know the answer to the question, are ducking boots good for hiking? They lack the essential features and will definitely not brighten up your hike trip.

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