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Is Timberland Good For Hiking?

Timberland For Hiking

Timberland boots are classic shoes and highly valued. The brand is well known, and for years they have been among the trendiest footwear in the world. I remember avoiding them, until I looked closely and realized they were not expensive. The classic boot may not be the best idea for hiking, but this company has other boots that are suitable for hiking.

It was in 1973 when Timberland created the classics we see today. The boots were meant for hiking and they still are. But, with time, the company started making light shoes that cannot be used in hiking. The best thing is that they still have trendy new boots optimized for hiking.

The boots are waterproof, so not breathable. Besides, they are quite heavy, and therefore a bit bulky for long walks. However, their grip, ruggedness, and comfort have not changed in the last more than 45 years, making even better than some of the latest modern options.

The answer to the question, are Timberland suitable for hiking? Is yes; the shoes are most suited for people who love serious hiking.

What makes Timberland excellent Hiking boots?

Timberland boots are among the best brands you can find when looking for high quality hiking boots. Most people tend to shun them, not because they are not good, but due to the high price tag. Here are more reasons you should dig deep in the pocket and but these luxury boots for you hiking trips.

Makes Hikes Easy

Timberland boots come in handy for your hikes regardless of the trail path’s condition. You can wear them in the forest in rough terrain and still traverse in a city in them. They are good looking and suitable for rugged paths and clean pavements in the city. Their solid material doesn’t wear out. All you need is to take care of them, including cleaning and allowing them to dry if you had to walk in wet areas. The boot is made of pure leather and will not wrinkle or crumple quickly.

Casual Wear

If you are traveling far from home, no need to bring two pairs of shoes. Timberland boots will be your hiking shoes and casual footwear. The shoes are for various activities and will not hinder your mobility.

However, your Timberland boots can wear and tear just like other shoes. This means you should get several pairs if you have to go for several hikes in a day. Wetness and mud tend to affect them, so you should give the pair time to dry appropriately after cleaning, and they will last for long.


Timberland boots are worth every penny you pay. For years people have regarded these boots as expensive. But they are not. They cost below $100, and you can look for discounts and offers to buy at a lower price.

Types of Timberland Boots

Serious hikers have a wide array of Timberland boots to choose from. Here are several models that you might want to consider.

  • Yellow Boot Style1006: The Yellow Boot Style 1006 was made in 1978 and makes a perfect pair for hiking. These shoes are comfortable and last for long, despite many miles of hiking. The boots can be worn in the city and the forest. They are great for any lifestyle; you do not to be a seasoned hike to buy them.
  • White Ledge Ankle Boot: White Ledge Ankle Timberland is comfortable with boots. They allow your feet to remain dry even after miles of walking. They make you forget about sweating and concentrate on your hike adventures. However, their drawback is durability; once they crumble down; they quickly deteriorate and lose their appeal and functionality. Besides, they cannot withstand extreme weather.
  • Chocorua Trail: Timberland Chocorua Trail boots are for the trendy hiker. They allow multiple daily hikes without crumbling fast. However, they may not come in handy for ultra-long walks. They are 100% waterproof and come with the most excellent traction. Besides, they allow maximum mobility while giving you a fashionable look.
  • 1978 Waterproof Hiking Boots: These are great hiking shoes from Timberland and can still be worn in the city. They have Vibram outsoles highlighted so beautifully while giving them durability and exceptional traction. Their drawback is that they are not comfortable for everyone. Also, their synthetic liners are not the best quality, but they do come handy for most hikers.

So are Timberland Boots Good for Hiking?

Like I said at the beginning of this article, you have to buy Timberland hiking boots and not just any other Timberland boot. They are functional boots, but I prefer to use them for short distance hikes. They look good and are the best if you hike involves passing through cities. Their durable is not bad, but they are not the boots for serious hikers.

You can travel with a single pair of Timberland boots, and you will be well-covered for various activities. However, when used daily to cover many miles, these boots fall apart. If you love long-distance hikes, look for other alternatives that can withstand rough and rocky walks.

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